The way people look for a company - is much different from where it was even 5 years ago. People now trust online reviews 9 times out of 10 over friends and neighbors. Why? Because their phone is their go-to for answers. “Just Google It”

Phone Books and word of mouth are obsolete. Simply look at how you search for answers! It is all online.


  • 15 Billion Mobile Devices on the Market in 2016 with 50 Billion Anticipated by 2020
  • 40% of Search VERBAL by 2020

So make the internet WORK for you! The web!!! From a push of a button down to voice search - people are using the web more than ever for information. Shop - Recommendations - Directions - it’s all found on directory listings. The downfall to this power of websearch…. Multiple listings on different directories or inaccurate information posted. Every person searches differently so it’s highly important you make sure everything across the web is accurate | consistent | controlled

  • Do you have more than 10 errors on our directories ( CLICK HERE TO CHECK)
  • Is your website website mobile friend (CLICK HERE TO CHECK)
  • Do you have control of 72 plus directories ( Logins per each)
  • Do you have someone monitoring these listings - making sure no one changes information
  • Are your directories full of content ( have your logo | pictures | brands | services )
  • Are your directories completely accurate ( name | address | hours)
  • Do you have more than one listing on a directory
  • Does the listing look like an advertising piece or simply a phone book listing?

If any item in the checklist concerns you. WE CAN FIX IT!

SEO+ SMART Listings! Keep your website growing - your Facebook active at an affordable cost with our SEO Pkg. We add 3+ articles weekly to your website which then goes to your Facebook "If" we have access to it. Google is looking for the Newest - Best - Most in Depth answers and you will be providing just that with this package!

Keeping costs down while ensuring you are competitive online is what we do every day here! Trust our team of experts to ensure you gain the maximum results at affordable prices! YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER TEAM!

SMARTList $199/mo

*JASPER coop approved

SMARTList will unify your information across the web; with your logo, pictures, brands, services, specials, company description, and keywords all working together to help your company get found!

  • Advertize on 72 online directories
  • Remove errors in your listings
  • Remove confusing duplicates
  • Manage your online reputation & brand
  • Obtain valuable customer reviews
  • Meet 2017 Google algorithm requirements



“Listings working for you not against you”

SMARTList will monitor and make changes to your online directories as needed, keeping your online presence controlled. ONE company - ONE low cost: only $199mo* to control the 72 most popular sites. We turn in your paperwork and JASPER pays you directly by check or credit on your account based on your available coop funds which expire annually December 31st. CHECK YOUR LISTINGS FOR ERRORS NOW*JASPER approved for 50% monthly costs coop reimbursement.


*JASPER COOP: JASPER WILL REIMBURSEUS DIRECTLY - YOU ONLY PAY THE DIFFERENCE! Your coop does expire on 12/31 each year and is based on your total JASPER sales the previous year.

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