Garcia Automotive Service

New Advanced Automotive - Diesel Website in Greenville Texas for Garcia Automotive Service!  These guys are great and they say we "nailed it".  What they had didn't come close and they love the new site.  Their old one had hard hats in the graphics like they were  underground miners and all kinds of crazy things!  We raised the bar and delivered page after page of services and brands and affiliations that reflected their shop and services which was a welcome change for them then incorporated their photos.  Plus added testimonials, articles, and functionality with the appointment requests and smart phone responsive layout.  Then we went further with our program allowing them to add as many articles as they want in minutes with photos after launch which they will really use with their performance diesel clients!  Great new clients and perfect program for their needs.  To make it all come together and work at perfect capacity they added the SMART List so all of their directories will for them and they can control their online reputation and functionality in that venue.  See their new Advanced automotive - diesel website:  http://garciaauto.net

The Auto Shop in Visalia

The Auto Shop in Visalia CA needed an upgrade from their current automotive website to get it responsive and reflective of their multiple areas of expertise which we were able to do for them with our Standard Website package.  All of their current website pages and automotive brands, services, and affiliations were put on the new website as well as the photos and logo from the old website PLUS the new pages for additional services and brands and product lines that were not on the old website that the JASPER Website program offers like pages on fleet service - tires - BG Products - NAPA - Duramax - Cummins - Ford Power Stroke - Motorcraft as he does do diesel work and provide other product lines.  He also does towing and now has a direct line for it and touch dialing on his new responsive automotive website.  A big upgrade at $595 total cost and $69/month.  He's happy and we are pleased to have him on board.  Thank you Jim Barlogio for choosing to work with us here via the JASPER website program!  See his new Standard Website here:  http://theautoshopvisalia.net

Azle Avenue Garage

Azle Avenue Garage is a growing shop that specializes in diesel repairs and will be moving in the near future.  They wanted to start growing online to fit their new expanded space and BE READY.  Their new website will allow them the opportunity at an affordable rate and provide the ability to pivot when the timing is right to the new location easily as we are also putting them on our SMART List so will have control of their 72 online directories (or more potentially) by then.  We will be able to change their location and information effectively in short order without any issues and "cost effectively" which is what having your online portfolio in hand will give you the ability to do in all areas.  This shop is now on our Advanced website platform and had no prior website so we will be growing that as well as we move forward with photos of the facility and their team in their new location when it becomes available.   See the Azle Avenue Garage in Ft Worth Texas Advanced truck website by CMR Inc via the JASPER website program here:  http://azleavenuegarage.com

Freddy's Garage, Ranger TX

Freddy's Garage in Ranger TX has multiple businesses which we were able to link through the new website and allow them the ability to be flexible as well as cross market the other businesses.  Here they are able to brand their business with the multiple products and services they are known for in the Ranger TX area to potential new customers and tie that in with customer testimonials and ease of use.  This shop is a NAPA AutoCare garage that is AAA certified and a JASPER owner installer that can now provide in depth information on all of those brands and services on their new responsive website vs just the brand and sending the customer outside for more information.  Customers can also view the map and get in touch readily on any page.  Thank you for choosing to work with us in getting your new ADVANCED JASPER Automotive website up and running.  Website:  http://freddysautogarage.com

*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: 50% coop reimbursement on website build and 50% on annual hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE



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