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Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists "MARS"

Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists has been serving customers in the Mississauga, Ontario Canadian community since 1981. They strive for excellence in providing our customers with the best automotive repair and services. To reach even more customers and consolidate their online presence, they needed a new and improved website. Luckily, MARS came to CMR and now, with their new platinum website and SEO and SmartList features, they can achieve just that. We would like to thank Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists for choosing Jasper Websites by CMR to build their new site!

With this website JASPER Website is no international with all but 12 of the Continental 48 USA states as well serviced.  As a woman owned Kentucky proud business we are proud to have grown to fit the needs of the automotive service shops to such a degree.  Does your website grow business?  Is it able to pivot and directly affect the segment of business you want to attract immediately?  Can you handle your online reputation management - social media - reviews with ONE team?   Our customers do that here and we invite you to discover the JASPER Website difference!
Affordable & Effective!

See their new website at www.marsautoservice.net


CMR Inc is proud be Recommended by JASPER Engines for their auto repair shop websites.  This heritage corporation stands for everything we believe in as a company.  You will find doing business with us to be EASY - EFFECTIVE - CONVENIENT.  Our auto and truck repair shop owners need to spend time turning wrenches not working on their websites!  *We are also now the Exclusive SOGGDA Ohio Garage Website partner.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: Websites are a one time cost and then belong to you.  All websites are mobile phone friendly and a minimum of 60 pages deep if you use all the pages.  JASPER coop reimbursement is up to 100% on our websites & up to 50% on our hosting-programming based on available balance and we turn your coop invoices in for you!* 

PICK YOUR MONTLY SUPPORT:  $199/MO SMART List Program includes 72 Online Directories working for you | Duplicates Suppressed | Enhanced with your photos, logo, information, brands, & services!    How Many Errors Do You Have Now?  CHECK YOUR BUSINESS NOW - CLICK HERE

GOOGLE SEO & FACEBOOK PROGRAM:  $349/MO includes our SMART List Program and monthly SEO articles added on your website AND Facebook for comprehensive growth bringing the two together for a solid markting foundation.



*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: up to 100% coop reimbursement on website build and up to 50% on monthly hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE