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Keith's Auto Repair

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 1.58.38 PM

The new Keith's Auto Repair JASPER coop website was officially approved and launched today.  Keith's Auto is a family-owned business delivering honest and professional auto repair and auto maintenance services to the people of Jefferson, Louisiana, and surrounding areas.  This shop has top ASE certified technicians, is a NAPA AutoCare center and very active in their community.   Their new website has a full news program for customer testimonials, shop news and JASPER news.  I really enjoyed working with Kady. Thank you for choosing the JASPER website program with CMR!    See their website at:  www.KeithsAutoRepairs.com

Quality Transmissions Inc.

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 2.00.09 PM

Launched today, the new Quality Transmissions Inc. website can be found at http://getqualitytransmissionrepair.com.  This was a great project with our turn-key ready website package.  We created their logo and got their program online with emphasis on their transmission repairs.  The colors are great, and Bill was amazing to work with.  This website was a result of a referral from one of our other JASPER website clients, which is an amazing compliment.  Thank you, Mike of Sonora Transmissions!

CMC Automotive

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 2.02.34 PM

CMC Automotive was voted Most Trusted Auto Repair in Seminole County and has always delivered outstanding customer service and value in Sanford, Florida, so working with Jim was a real treat.  We were able to gain his expired website information and set his new site up with a layout that he deemed great!  We also went on to create his Facebook page and set up the automated direct feed from his new website, which you can see at:  www.cmcautomotive.com

Master Tech Automotive

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 2.03.39 PM

Master Tech Automotive Inc. has been providing quality car care in Taylors, SC, since 2005, and it was a pleasure to work with Kurt and his team to get his new website up quickly, incorporating all of his existing content as well as the comprehensive additional information that is part of the JASPER website program.  Website Address: http://mastertech-automotive.com/

Cecil's Automotive

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 2.05.07 PM

Cecil's Automotive is a family-owned and operated business serving both Memphis and North Mississippi drivers since 1979.  They had a website, but the URL was hacked and went to an online shopping venue.  They wanted something easy to navigate reflecting their logo.  We were able to build them a comprehensive website, update their social media, add Twitter, and add our extensive news-information sections to give their website depth.  This responsive layout is flexible and reflects all of their brands, as well as their strong tire sales platform.  http://cecilsautomotive.com/

Now customers can request appointments online, find their two locations easily, direct dial from their smartphones, and their website works efficiently.
Cecil's Automotive serving customers in Memphis and North Mississippi since 1979. 

Sonora Transmission

Screen Shot 2016 04 09 at 2.06.36 PM

Sonora Transmissions in Sonora, California, is a large shop with a focus on transmissions that did not have an existing website.  Their new website is a reflection of the professional services they provide customers with in-depth information on their JASPER products, testimonials and easy online appointment requests.  They actually got their first request the day after launching, which was great.  We worked with their existing logo and focused to provide a website layout that is easy to navigate and professional in appearance.  Sonora Transmissions, Sonora CA

*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: up to 100% coop reimbursement on website build and up to 50% on monthly hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE