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CMR Inc earns JASPER Recommended Endorsement

We are proud to be one of three companies nationwide to have earned the "Recommended by JASPER" Rating for our www.JasperWebsites.com coop Owner | Installer website design, hosting, and programming effective March 19, 2014.  We have always worked hard to earn the respect and referral of our customers and this program is a direct result of those efforts beginning with the referral of Jim Van Dyke Automotive to Westerville Automotive.  We then worked closely with their sales representative Dane Patterson to customize and expand the program significantly then worked with the JASPER Marketing Department to ensure the success of our current customers.  Currently our Owner | Installers rank in the top 100 worldwide for a Google Search of "Jasper Engines" which has earned us this opportunity. 

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Thank you for a great website!

I recently sold my automotive repair shop but really enjoyed my website.  It was professional and worked well!!  Thank you for a great job.  Steve at Lefty's

Responded quickly and got to work

You Guys Are Great! We had a bad review on Google and needed help ASAP. I sent Marion an email asking for HELP. She responded quickly by phone and then got to work letting me know what we needed to do. We did not have access to our Google Business Page but she went in and did a responding review and we are starting the process to get control of our page. Great work and thank you. - Davis Griffis, Griffis Auto Repair

She said it was EASY..IT IS!

When Marion came to the shop to visit, she said the website would be easy and adding articles would be as well.  I added a For Sale section to my website and wondered just "how easy" the CMR EasyNews was.  Today I found out in less than 5 minutes it really is EASY.  Thank you Marion!  Richie Hendrix, Hendrix Auto Diesel in Scottsville KY

2015 Customers = $372,000...plus $7,200 profit to bottom line

"I track my new customers.  EVERY new customer.  Last year the combined spending result = $372,000 here at Westerville Automotive where we keep it simple and focused on profit.  I keep on top of my spending and evaluate where I spend my money - asking advertising executives for validation and then checking their facts with my statistics and Marion who has earned my trust.  Last year I stopped my yellow pages and brought $7200 to my bottom line in profit starting the SMART List she developed at my request to manage all of the directories out there online.  I can say it works - is coop approved - and I now pulled the plug on YELP bringing another $2,880 to the bottom line.  Not increasing any other costs.

I use my website which is one of the reasons I feel we are so successful..adding articles about customers and jobs which takes a few minutes, putting the website address on anything we print, and tell every customer that comes in about our on-line coupons and that they can request appointments on-line.   Our website is growing my business.  Scott McClure Owner Westerville Automotive"

You are the Hotdiggidy!

"That is way better than anything I could have imagined!  You are the hotdiggidy!!!  I really like the banner with my shop car on it." Says Audie of The Auto Clinic in El Paso Texas "before" he found out it fed into his Facebook account and that he could add articles in just a few minutes!  I love it when a client is that happy and especially with our Standard Website Package! 
- Thank you for the great review Audie.  Marion M Miller, President  *website: http://elpasoautoclinic.com

This is really great!

"You were able to take all the little pieces that were out there and bring them together in an easy platform and make it look great.  I really like it and have it on my home screen now."  - Pete Martel, Owner of  martelautomotive.com

WOW! Love it!

"Wow just Wow.  I love it.  So cool." - Brendan McGettigan, Avery Automotive Repair & Towing in Vally Center Kansas

- I always love it when a client is happy but when I open my email up to this kind of comment it makes my day and my team absolutely glows.  8 Words Made Their Week!  Thank you Brendan for sharing your comments with us and allowing us to work with you on your new automotive website.  We enjoyed personalizing it and look forward to working with you as it grows.  - Marion M Miller, President

Awesome Job!

Our website looks so awesome!! Thank you so much. - Adrienne Sandoval Carbon Valley Garage

- Thank you for the great words of praise, our graphics team really did a good job on the logo and colors keeping it clean and sharp.  Your articles-content did the rest.  Great job on the local support of community as well which I think makes all the difference! - Marion M Miller, President

Love the classic feel!

Everyone loves my new website.  It is professional and yet classic feel reflecting the atmosphere in my garage here perfectly.  From across several states they nailed it and making changes is easy.  Great job on my auto garage website!  I love it.  Jake's Auto Garage in Harper TX.

Awesome Site

"Awesome Site!" It really looks great and only needs a few changes.  Mike Hendricks of Lew Broyles & Son

Changes FAST!

We really appreciate how FAST the team at CMR makes changes to our website.  We had new photos made and wanted to check on them and the request for adding tires to our website.  Never occurred to us to check the site as we had just sent the information in.  DONE.  Thanks from Fast Lane Auto Repair!

Big difference in the custom

Just the look we wanted.  We first chose the Advanced package which was nice but wanted that extra bit of graphics to make our website really stand out so stepped up to the Platinum website.  The difference was well worth it and just what we wanted!  - Nick Barton

*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: up to 100% coop reimbursement on website build and up to 50% on monthly hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE