How Important Is a Google Review

At JASPER Websites we understand the importance of Google Reviews and photos for both your business’s reputation and your presence on Google. An increase in reviews and photos on your business listing leads to an increase in traffic and allows for your listing to show up higher in the Google results.

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Customer Service Means More in Difficult Times

During difficult times such as these, customer service goes a really long way and is even more meaningful to customers. One of our shops is no exception. Community Car Care in Alexandria, KY is committed to providing its customers with the best service while taking all the precautions necessary.

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Keeping Your Shop Organized

At JASPER Websites, we do more than just build websites. Our goal is to provide helpful tips and suggestions to make your work easier for you. While most of our tips come in the form of marketing yourself online and growing your social media presence, we also believe that tips and suggestions you can use physically in your shop are important to offer too.

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Tips for Keeping Technicians and Customers Healthy

At JASPER Websites we're here to help shops. During the pandemic that we are currently facing, it's important that shops keep both their technicians and customers safe. We've come up with a few ideas for automotive shops to consider during this unusual time.

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