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jasper recRECOMMENDED BY JASPER ENGINES!  Our commitment to SERVICE - RESULTS - EXCELLENCE is reflected directly by being recommended by such an outstanding company.  I've worked with their team to ensure every aspect of our program exceeds their expectations and am continually looking for ways to ensure you gain more results from participating.  I frequently go back and make changes to update websites and am available to answer your questions at your convenience.  You deal directly with the owner of the company to ensure you get those results and all of our programs are 100% coop approved for 50% reimbursement based on your available balance and paid to you via check or credit on your account by JASPER.  We simply process the paperwork for you. 

TOP 10 AUTOMOTIVE WEBSITE FOR 2015  To be recommended by JASPER and have a top 10 website made it a perfect year for us.  We want to thank Menke's Auto for choosing to work with us and submitting their site for selection.  It was an honor to have one of our sites recognized as a top 10 site given the sheer number of automotive websites.  What I am most pleased with are the comments on function, information, and then design as the first two are what I deem mandatory and are the key foundation for all of our websites.  See Article Here


WHO PROCESSES MY COOP?  I will send your coop billing in for you and JASPER will directly send you those funds by check or place a credit on your account per your preferences.  You will pay us directly. Website billing is sent in after a site is launched and hosting in January if you pay monthly or upon larger billing cycles.  

HOW DOES THAT WORK?  Your initial website design and launch is 50% coop approved for any of our 3 packages and once the website is built you own the site, we own the JASPER and news programs as well as our proprietary software.   Your monthly programming-hosting fees are only $69 and eligible for 50% coop reimbursement ($1,000 maximum annually) based on your available funds. 

WHAT DOES MY MONTHLY HOSTING COVER?  We keep your website up and secure online | Add articles monthly to keep your website active | Keep 12 days of complete backup copies on file "just in case" | Provide front of site website access | You can add as many articles as you like via our CMR EasyNews Program in minutes | You have a real team when you have issues or questions with a submit ticket system on the site - my email and my cell phone number handy should you need it.  Real issues are addressed at our reduced rate of $59/hour.

WHAT IS THE SMART LIST UPGRADE & COST INFORMATION? Your hosting goes from $69/mo to $199 and we claim and control on your behalf through our program of all our directories giving you STRONG CONTROL of your online platform and keep it consistent providing reputation management as well.  JASPER Engines added this feature in 2016 as well for that reason. 

Most information is generated through what is available and is incorrect so getting it right and filling it out fully in these areas is true value.  We add the brands you carry, logos, photos, descriptions of products and services, details on your business, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and website addresses so that what each directory allows is used in that setting.  This is a fairly advanced program and at a very reduced rate through the JASPER program.  **Per 4/11/16 we have 68 online directories in the program.  Check your listing, if you do upgrading will be your next step!


Check Your Listings Now      ADD A SMART LISTING NOW!

RESPONSIVE - SMART PHONE WEBSITE ONLY $595 a website that 66 pages deep and allows customers to request appointments - access coupons - review your services, and get directions plus so much more! You are MISSING business!

  • 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phones and do not leave home without them. 
  • TOP 10 Automotive Website for 2015 by AutoInc Magazine
  • 90% of those searching online take action
  • 2 out of 3 people are online every day and for a large portion of their day
  • 55% of all searches are done from a smart phone of some kind

A) SIMPLE   We do all the work and make the changes you want, keep it updated with 4 articles added monthly, and if we have access to your social media it automatically feeds into them!  Plus you can add articles in minutes yourself and change standard pages!

B) EASY  We send in your coop information when we build the website and at the end of the year.  JASPER checks your coop balance and sends you a check. 

C) FAST ANSWERS!  You deal with the owner, have my cell phone number to Talk or Text and I answer my calls.  Read Testimonials!

D) PRICE!  The JASPER program gets you deep discounts!  Plus coop reimbursement based on your available balance on the website build AND annual programming-hosting.   You will not find another website program with 66 pages, responsive for SMART phones for $595 or the option to step up at any time to a larger packages!  ($995 Advanced adds 88+ page auto tips segment and testimonials program | $1495 adds multiple custom banners, a new logo, and adding EVERYTHING we can find online to your website.  If you have 200 testimonials, we add them all)

E) RESULTS  When you search on line you want the: BEST most IN DEPTH and CURRENT answer for that question.  Our websites are very in depth and growing every month with a minimum of 4 articles with the base $69/month package!

F) STEP UP - SAVE $.   GET FOUND!  Everyone is online searching....if you are not there, you can't be found by new customers!


Is there a contract?  NO, if we can't earn and keep your business then we don't deserve it.  Simply give me 30 days notice, but we own the JASPER, and news system in it's entirety.

Do I own my website?  YES, you own the website framework and your URL address - per the above, we own the JASPER program and entire news system outside of any personal news on or about your business. 

What are my monthly costs?  $69/month with ANY website package and for that we do the hosting - programming - Add articles monthly.  (You can upgrade to our platinum support at $199/mo at any time which gets you tech time monthly and our CMR Smart List).

Can I break my initial cost up into payments?  YES, we suggest 2 or 4 payments.

How do I get my JASPER coop?  EASY, I send it in to be processed and you get a check from JASPER based on what you have available when we build the website.  At the end of the year I send in all the website hosting bills as well as a complete list for all transactions to JASPER. 

Can I make changes?  YES, you can login on the front of the site and edit any existing article / page. If you break it, I have a copy made daily at 5AM CST. 

easyNewsCan I add articles?  YES.  It takes about 5 minutes the first time (with photos).  You'll get faster!  Our proprietary system is simple, login - fill in the blanks - set start and end dates if you want to - add photos - hit enter and DONE.  *depending on your internet speed and how large the photos are.

Add as many articles as you want

Schedule start and / or end dates

Add multiple photos!  As slide shows or simple photo lineup.

Insert Embedded Youtube Videos

It's that EASY with our CMR EasyNews which is cutting edge technology as a content / news management interface and being offered to other outside media companies for their clients.  

Need more information? Call Marion 270-339-4176

*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: 50% coop reimbursement on website build and 50% on annual hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE



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